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1.For Price of  Domain Booking please follow the given link at Book Your Domain and take the price manually.
2. Hosting prices are different for different plans.
3. Our Price for flash designing is as 1500/- rs for per flash.
4.Our webdesigning quotation is based on per page designing strategy like..

    a. For 0 to 5 pages we are charging 1000/- per page and whole price is as 5000/- rupees.

    b. For 5 to 10 pages we are charging 900/- per pages and the whole price is as 9000/- rupees.

    c. For 10 to 15 pages we are charging 800/- per pages and the whole price is as 12000/- rupees.

    d. For 15 to 20 pages we are charging 700/- per pages and the whole price is as 14000/- rupees.

    e. For 20 to 25 pages we are charging 600/- per pages and the whole price is as  15000/- rupees.

    d. For 25 and more  pages we are charging as 500/- per pages.
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